A large portion of the Millennial generation is either starting a career or about to start. We already have a terrible reputation. These “professionals” are making that reputation even worse. If you are a one of the culprits listed below, just stop. Get it together. You’re making all of us look bad.

1. The girl who gets ready every morning at her desk

You’re showing your boss you are too lazy to come prepared for work. You’re showing your boss you don’t take your job or responsibilities seriously and would rather do your makeup than actual work. You’re wasting time you should be doing something productive. You’re just unprofessional and don’t take your career seriously.

2. The girl who wears a skin-tight, short dress to work/work functions.


Really… if you would wear a dress to a club or similar, it should never make an appearance in the workplace or at a work function. It’s not appropriate. It’s trashy. Less is not more (Many of you could apply this in your everyday dress as well). Work dresses and skirts should be knee-length. Let’s keep it classy, not trashy ladies.

3. The girl with her cleavage showing.


Ew. See above on inappropriate work classness. Just stop.

3. The Millennial who butchers grammar.

When someone asks you how you’re doing, you’re never “good.” You’re well. Have you read the inside of a book? Did you go to highschool? When a customer or boss asks you a question, you should never respond “yup” or “yeah.” Do you know how to speak like a professional?
4. The girl who has personal conversations with her partner/spouse/mom/friend in the middle of the office.

First, this is not appropriate. No one wants to hear about your drama. Do you have any shame? You should be embarassed.

5. The guy/girl who cannot figure out anything on their own.

They ask for everything. They seem to be lacking resourcefullness or are just lazy.
6. The guy/girl who always shows up hungover, smelling like booze, looking desheveled and functioning at a 0 MPH pace.

7. The guy/girl who can never get to work/meetings on time.


Hey! Here’s a tip – buy a watch!

8. The guy/girl who lies about why they can’t come into work.

9. The guy/girl who can never get their job done or finish a project.

10. The guy/girl who is too busy tweeting, pinteresting or snapchatting during meetings to know what the heck is going on.

11. The completely uninformed idiot.

They have no idea what is going on in the world if it doesn’t happen on Game of Thrones or Real Housewives of (insert trash TV here) or any other reality show. They talk in stereotypes and generalities. They have such a limited exposure and understanding of the world. They have never heard of CNN. They haven’t opened a book since their sophomore year of highschool or for a few, college.

12. The guy that falls asleep in meetings, at his desk or anywhere really.

Did you really just fall asleep in a group meeting with your CEO?!

13. The Millennial who simply did their job and wants praise from the whole office.


They didn’t go above and beyond. They didn’t more than was asked. They just got the report ran and delivered on time.

14. The one who dresses like their about to Netflix and Chill.


Lululemon leggings, sweat pants and hoodies are apparently all they own.
15. The person who talks like a complete douchebag.

Nothing comes out of their mouth other than making fun of people, working out, eating food, getting drunk and hooking up. They’re 25-32, nothing to show for themselves, living with someone (their parents, a roommate or couch surfing), all they do is party and they don’t understand why they can’t find a suitable partner.

Get it together people.

(Originally posted by me for Odyssey Online.)


About the Author bmartindale

A lover of adventure. My goal is to treat life like one big adventure, taking in all the lessons along the way.

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