Adventures of a Tulsan in Salt Lake City: Delayed

This morning, I arrived at the airport at 7:50 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. flight. I was relaxed and had plenty of time. The Skycap curb check gentleman weighed my bag and it was a couple of pounds over, so I grabbed a few things to move to my carry on while he was checking me in. He came out and said, “Ma’am, I can’t check you in for your flight. It was a 7:20 a.m. flight and it’s almost 8.” Uhm… wait what? Hmm. Turns out the 9:00 a.m. flight was my connection in Denver. Oops.


Normally, the whole situation – bag being overweight, finding out I missed my flight – would put me in a very tense, frustrated mood. Today, I just kind of giggled. I felt a little dumb but hey it was fixable. The lady at the counter found a new set of flights to get me on and I will be there later this afternoon. It wasn’t the way I was planning on things happening but hey they worked out.IMG_7447

In many situations, our emotions and expectations cause us to react to or handle a situation in the wrong way. So often, I have felt control of a situation slip out of my grip and not understood why things were happening and lost control of my emotions. In the end, all that does is make things worse and teaches me a lesson .


I am re-reading Love Does by Bob Goff and I think it is having a definite impact on my perspective. I hope to continue to frame my mindset like Mr. Goff does. He looks at life as a constant sense of adventure and chance to learn and grow. Ironically, when I took my seat on the plane, this book helped me again. I had the book sitting on my lap and the gentleman sitting next to me pointed out the book and commented on how great it is. This spurred a great conversation with a guy who ended up being a youth pastor. He had been in Salt Lake City with the board of a youth conference he was a part of. He is a youth pastor for a Seventh Day Adventist church in Fallbrook, California. The flight flew by as we talked about Goff’s perspective on life, God and shared some great experiences. He went on to tell me about his new wife of just over a year and showed me the ultrasound of their baby boy who is expected to arrive in late March. Our conversation was one of the most genuine and impactful conversationsI’ve had in a while. He told me about the struggles he and his new wife had in the beginning of learning to adjust to married life and how much  unconditional love, learning to adjust to each other’s views, accepting each other where they are and prayer played into it. I definitely think God put me  on that flight, next to that gentleman for a reason. He unintentionally taught me a great deal. I’m thankful for that experience.


I also realized I have on a very fitting rustic cuff today. It’s a gold quote cuff and it says, “wherever you are, be all there.” So that’s what I’m learning to do. It’s crazy how your outlook on a situation greatly influences how it plays out.


I think this is part of the lesson God is teaching me right now. To realize things won’t always happen according to my plan because I am not control. The more I relax and embrace the moment and go with the flow and trust in Him, the happier I will be and the more I will get out of life. I may not always understand where God is taking me but if I put my trust in Him, I will end up where I need to be,even if that isn’t where I wanted to be. IMG_7450

My takeaways for this season of my life: Relax, let God, embrace grace (with myself and others), love everyone, be thankful, be positive, be present and keep learning and growing.



It’s your head that’s giving up…

A semi-dark room …pulsing energy throughout the entire room …your legs pushing along to the cadence created by the beat of the music… Each challenge a little more intense… A motivating voice sending an encouraging message at just the right time… & then it’s over. You did it. You pushed yourself until you thought you couldn’t push anymore and you achieved the goal.

I never knew I was a spin class fan until I moved to Salt Lake City. Now, I crave it. There is something completely satisfying about reaching the goal within a group of others going after the same goal. Completely disconnected from the outside world – no social media, no texting, no anything. Just you, on the bike, with the beat of the music and the instructor’s voice motivating you forward. Once I get to the end, it feels like my stress just melted away. I am refreshed.

The spin instructor, Jessi, at the SLC Lifetime is amazing. She said something last night that resonated with me. “We’re so used to pushing to the top of the hill and stopping. It’s training and pushing past the top will enable you to grow. Push through the pain.”

I immediately thought of all of the situations and parts of life that applies to. We get this idea of an endpoint in our head and then we just stop. Life is constant challenge and growth. The goal of life is to always keep experiencing, learning and evolving. It’s our head that gives up and gets in the way.

We are always in need of evolving and refining. As long as we are aware of that and challenge ourselves, we will live a truly meaningful and rewarding life.

Adventures of a Tulsan in Salt Lake City

Well, I have been in Salt Lake City for two weeks. To say it has been different than I expected would be an understatement but I have no doubt it will be one of the best decisions I have made.


Transplanting yourself in a new city  1200 miles from everything you know will either make you or break you and I’m choosing to let it make me 🙂


At first glance here are the top things I have noticed in my transition:

  1. It is a change becoming the religious minority – obviously SLC is a predominantly LDS culture, whereas I am nondenominational but I have met some pretty awesome LDS people.
  2. Utah residents cannot drive. I have never seen so many people drive 40 mph in the passing lane. They really do not understand the concept. There are even YouTube channels, if you don’t believe me.
  3. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.
  4. People are tenfold more active here. You constantly see people out jogging, biking or hiking.
  5. The snow here is amazing. It is beautiful and powder-like. I will definitely not be missing the ice and grossness that comes along with snow in Tulsa.
  6. The altitude is killing me. My lungs have not adjusted yet and this is making it uber difficult to work out, but we’ll get there.
  7. HireVue is the most amazing place to work. I have met some of the most amazing people in my life in my new position and I love how they are like a family with the coolest work culture around.
  8. The Silicon Slopes have given way to such an awesome culture of innovation and creativity. There are so many tech companies here and with so many colleges and recent grads, it is continuing to boom.

         IMG_7224         IMG_7212

My transition definitely didn’t go as planned but I have found a comfort here in Salt Lake City. With amazing people and an amazing environment surrounding me, I have been reminded how great God is and his plans for me are far greater than I have ever imagined.