A Simple Conversation

It is fascinating to see how a small action can turn into something meaningful for someone else.

Yesterday, a coworker and I were getting onto the elevator at the same time. We don’t see each other often due to working on different areas of the floor. We were chatting about Labor Day plans as we headed to the parking lot. After that conversation ended I asked her about her breakfast club. A few months ago (probably the last time I spoke with her) she had told me about a breakfast club she had started. She lit up and explained how quickly they have grown – over 200 members in 6 months. Afterward she looked at me and said “I really appreciate you remembering that, it made me feel special.”

Talk about perspective.

I hadn’t thought much of it, other than being nice and making conversation and to her it was much bigger. How often do I catch myself with my head buried in my phone and not paying attention to those around me? How often do I miss out on these types of connections? How often could we simply ask someone a question to show interest in their life and make them feel important?

Don’t get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of the day and forget to stop and enjoy the moments you are in, friends.