A Home Run for the BOKF United Way Campaign

Nine presentations in four days… what was I thinking?

As I graciously agreed to serve as the agency presentation committee chair again this year, I also agreed to bump up the number of presentations. Last year, we held four presentations in four days. This year, we held nine presentations in four days. It definitely took quite a bit of planning and preparation but we pulled it off with very few glitches.

It wan an exhausting four days though and I was so happy once they were over and I could relax.

Ultimately, I am hoping my role plays a part in BOKF raising our $1.6M goal to donate to the Tulsa Area United Way. We pulled it off last year and I have no doubt we can hit it out of the park again. Last I heard, we are 80% of the way there and in the seventh inning stretch.

Oh… and if you haven’t guessed… the theme is baseball this year. There is a pretty cute BOKF campaign video here, that I got to play a part in with Hornsby.

I also served as the photographer for this year’s campaign. Last year we used my photos for our movie theme as paparazzi type shots. This year, I took the photos that were used to create baseball cards of our executive leadership team. The process was entertaining… getting our head Ops & Tech executive to get excited about swinging a baseball bat was trying, to say the least.

Here are three of the baseball cards.

UW ELT Baseball cards week 1
UW ELT Baseball cards week 1

Here is an example of one of the photos before we incorporated it into the baseball card. This is my favorite. If you know Mr. Grauer, it is very fitting.


I am thankful I get the opportunity to work for an organization who does so much for the community.