Creating a lasting impact… in networking

Jill Donovan is one of the most generous and hilarious women I have had the privilege of meeting.

Jill Donovan is a marketing and branding genius.

Jill Donovan is awesome.

Chances are you have heard of Rustic Cuff. If you haven’t, you might be living under a rock.IMG_4794

Last night, Jill Donovan hosted the Tulsa Area United Way affinity group, the Women’s Leadership Council. She was supposed to talk to us about networking and how to have impactful  networking skills. Jill has a way of launching off into lots of little trails but then making it all come full circle in the end… all while being hilarious… and tossing out rustic cuffs from her arm into the audience.

As she found herself going off on these tangents she would say, “It’s ok, I can say anything and end with IN NETWORKING and it’ll be fine.” She was hilarious, charismatic and personable. It will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable events I will partake in.

The main takeaways she gave us from her stories were:

  • Always do something to stand out when you meet someone
  • Go outside of your comfort zone and remember you are a shining star
  • Give to others – you will know exactly when it is the right time and place

After she got done talking, she gave us all two cuffs – one to keep (the Ireland shining star cuff) and one to gift (a quote cuff). There wereover 100 women crammed into her showroom in Tulsa and we were all so eager to hear everything she had to say.

She will forever be someone I have immense respect and admiration.

Thanks, Jill!