I’m really getting to stretch my wings at work lately. I absolutely love it. I have made an effort to take on as many things as I can. The more indispensable I can make myself, the more valuable I become.

My boss or even her boss will come to me with things occassionally, that I have no idea how to do. I’ve made it a point to never say that. It’s always, “yes, I can get it” or “yes, I will do it.” Utilizing initiative and figuring it out or going to someone that can show me or teach me is important. I think willingness to step out of your comfort zone not only forces you to grow but it shows your boss what you’re willing to do and how hard you’re willing to work.

The director of corporate communications reached out to me last week in regards to working on the marketing committee for BOK’s Tulsa Area United Way campaign. I am ecstatic to work with her and get to stretch that part of my creative brain. We met for lunch early this week and followed up with a committee meeting yesterday. I am pumped about the ideas she presented. It should be a lot of fun.  

 One thing I have noticed, not just in the banking industry, but in any industry, is that so many people push things off on others. If they don’t know how to do something, aren’t comfortable doing something, don’t feel like it’s their job or maybe just don’t want to do it, they say it’s not my job, i don’t know how, i’m not the right person, etc. I feel like that is one of the biggest hinderances.

I’m not always perfect in my social or home life and I’m definitely not always perfect at work, but work allows me to have a fulfillment of being good at what I do and being appreciated when it isn’t necessarily happening via social or home life.Fortunately, as long as I work hard and do a good job, I get recognition, credit and praise at work. I love working for a boss and for a team who is so supportive, encouraging and buidling. Even when I do something stupid, I know Tiff will laugh with me and jokingly send me the Donald Trump e-card “you’re fired.” Our playful banter helps us get through the hectic days.

When I was hired, my boss told me she wanted to help me grow within the company. If I go to her with a career path goal, I know she will help me reach it or realign it, if necessary.

I find myself wanting to throw myself into work some days. I think part of it is because the emotional aspect is almost nothing. There isn’t much uncertainty. I know what I need to get done, I know I can grow and develop and I know my work is appreciated. If more bosses wanted their employees to be productive and successful, they would follow the suit of my boss.

I say all of the time how fortunate and thankful I am to work for such a great team and such an incredible boss and I truly mean it. It makes a world of difference in the culture and motivation.

It’s also so important to get involved with committees, groups, etc. I joined TYPros this year and see so much potential for networking and connecting. I have only been to a couple of events in the past few months but I am determined to start going to more and getting more involved. You never know who’s path you might cross or what connection you might develop.

Find something you enjoy doing, something that gives you satisfaction … you will be happier and more productive and the sky will truly be the limit.   



About the Author bmartindale

A lover of adventure. My goal is to treat life like one big adventure, taking in all the lessons along the way.

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