“A girl with dreams becomes a woman with vision.”

As a class assignment, I had to create my own personal code of ethics. It is to add to my portfolio and potential future employers. It is supposed to take in account what field I am eventually planning to go into (PR) as well as my own personal beliefs. This is mine. I gathered quotes and sayings that dmeonstrate my beliefs and character and then I ended with the main points in 5 simple words.

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Spread your Soulshine

I have to say I was beyond blessed by those who care about me yesterday. So many people took the time to say sweet words, give me gifts and just wish me a happy birthday. Everyone made me feel so special.


I like to hope the amount that came to me is a reflection of what I give to others. I love giving to others. Finding little gifts I think someone will love. Seeing something that will make someone’s day. Even if it is just a little card or bracelet, nothing big, I love giving. The idea that I made them feel special or brought a little bit of sunshine into their life, makes me happy.


I’ve never understood people with the mentality of only giving if they receive. I hear people say “well i’m not getting her anything, she didn’t give me anything.” Or comparing how much one would have spent to the other. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t ever think, well she wouldn’t spend this much on me, while I am buying a gift for someone. If I think it fits them and will make them happy then I want them to have it.
Some may consider that foolish but it has worked well for me. I like the idea of treating others how you want to be treated. Today’s world is so selfish and it’s so sad.


I was beyond blessed on my birthday and could not have been more appreciative for each and every thing, word and sentiment.

I hate the materialistic nature mentality of receiving gifts. I don’t care if someone brings me a handmade gift or an expensive gift. What matters is the thought. Did they put the thought, time and effort into that gift? Were they buying something because they felt they had to or they wanted to? I think that ends up making a huge difference.

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Years ago, I had a handmade basket of goodies given to me for Valentine’s Day. They had picked a few items up at a local candy shop and had put a cute photo momento in the basket with the sweetest letter telling me how special I was to them. The cutest part of it all were the red gummy bears. Red gummy bears are my favorite. I like all gummy bears but I typically pick out the red ones. The person that made me this basket ordered a huge bag of red gummy bears and picked out all of the red ones and put them in cute little mason jars. The gift wasn’t an outrageous or expensive gift but it showed me that their time was worth it and they put thought into it. I think to date, that is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts I have ever been given. It was the cutest thing and made me smile for days.photo 6

So many people went out of their way yesterday, Jackie, Kirsite, Tiffy, Justin, my boss and coworkers just to name a few. I love words of affirmation and so many people sent specific, sweet words to me telling me how special I am to you or how much I mean. That made my whole day. You all make my life more beautiful and I am so beyond blessed to have each and every one of you in my life ūüôāphoto 4

Take the time, go out of your way and show someone you care. Not just on holidays and special occassions but everyday. Don’t make excuses just find a way to show people what they mean to you. A little effort goes such a long way. I think some people are oblivious to just how much a small act can mean to someone.¬†¬†

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Establishing connections and buildng relationships

Last week was a complete and total whirlwind.

Monday throught Wednesday, I work from 7ish to 5 and then I am in class until 8 or 9. Thursday, I went with some girlfriends to the first Driller’s game. It was 90 all day during the day so normally we all expected it to be nice out for the 7 o’clock game. That’s what we get for assuming when it comes to weather in Oklahoma. It was freezing. It dropped like 40 degrees… talk about miserable!

Friday, I had the gala for the Designer Showcase benefitting the Foundation for the Tulsa Schools. It was a blast. It was absolutely gorgeous. Paula put it together so well. The was a 13 year old girl singing in one part of the show. She said her dream since she was in elementary school was to attend Booker T. Washington in Tulsa. This girl had an amazing voice and incredible God given talent and all she wanted was to go to this school. She thought getting into this school would give her an opportunity to make her family proud. What an amazing girl.

After that, there was a group of elementary students from Hawthorne Elementary. They were absolutely precious. They sang “I smile” and it was so sweet. They were dressed in their little tux outfits and a few of them gave speeches and thanked us for being there. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

My meme, who is the CEO for the Gatesway Foundation was coincidentally at the event as well. Aaron Fulkerson, who is the event chairman and also a key player in Schnake Turnbo Franke invited her and then Paula had me sit with them. They are THE PR firm in Tulsa, if not Oklahoma and I was thrilled to get to meet and mingle with them. They were all wonderful and I’m fortunate for that opportunity. Mr. Fulkerson told me to keep working and come their way when I think I am ready so that lit a major fire under me ūüôāRhode-Island-Networking-Events_-Motivational-Quotes

While I was getting the patrons signed in, I met a lady named Marolyn Locke. She is from here but currently lives in Dallas. She works for a marketing firm. She sent me an email with her contact info and told me to check her company and their internships out.

Steve Grossi is the head of HR here at BOK. He is also on the board for the event. Lucky had told me he would introduce me to him. I happened to overhear his name while he was signing in so I took the change to introduce myself to him. I’m in the process of shooting him an email and telling him it was nice to meet him at the gala.

One of my favorite things to do is to send a card. Whether that is a nice to meet you card, a thank you card, etc. It makes people feel good and it is different because there are very few who send hand written cards in this technology driven culture, today. Lucky Lamons said he watches when he sees someone he knows in the paper, clips it out and sends it to them with a little note. Little thoughtful things like that, I love and so do others!

Making connections and establishing relationships with those connections is vital. That is something Lucky Lamons himself has reitterated time and time again. You have to find ways to develop those connections and set yourself apart.


In my opinion, you can never know too many people. Networking is one of the smartest things you can do not only in the business world but life in general.


“We rise by lifting others”


There is a crazy increase of people following or liking for a cause. Social media has been a pathway for nonprofits, charities and causes in general to garner great support. The attention to their cause is great. What is not great, that’s all it is. It’s the term called “Slaktivism.” People feel good about themselves by¬†boasting they liked this page or followed that charity because they care about their cause. If you really care about the cause, help.


Of course, almost all charities and nonprofits need donations¬†to succeed. If you don’t have monetary resources that you can give, donate your time, or slightly worn clothes, slightly used household supplies, etc.. Go through¬†your closets, look at what you don’t wear and think about the fact that someone else could use it. I personally have a ton of extra stuff in my house. I try to give it to people that are interested or make donations when I can. My clothes I resale, but all of those that Bearlee New doesn’t want,¬†I tell them to donate. I recently asked where they donate the clothes, out of curiousity. I know the owner,¬†so I knew she would make sure it was going somewhere beneficial but when the lady working at the store told me exactly what it was going to, I was thrilled. They donate all of the clothes to a local church. That church creates a “closet.” In turn, sporadically throughout the month, people¬†in need get handed a bag and¬†get to go through the closet and find¬†clothes for themselves. That is awesome.25895766578324599_fooHeB3z_c

I have grown up loving to serve others. It makes me feel good. It lets me let out some of my soulshine. I started volunteering at the Gatesway Foundation when I was 14 years old. I still volunteer today. The foundation provides vocational or housing assistance to mentally handicapped adults. Those guys and gals make you love life. I have become so attached to some of them over the years, I’ve attended funerals for them over the years, I have bought t-shirts and done activities or just went by to say hi. They love it. The fact that you take the time to spend time with them lights up their face. I always leave there feeling better and more appreciative. They have lots of events you can get involved with. One of the next major events¬†will be the annual balloon festival. It is always so much fun but with it being the 50th anniversary, I am betting it will be even more amazing this¬†year!¬†


I have also done volunteer work with The Little Lighthouse. It is an amazing organization. They help developmentally and mentally disabled children. Talk about making you feel good. Those kiddos are so full of life despite whatever issue they may have. It is heart warming. 

I loved volunteering my time for LifeKids as well. I volunteered at the BA campus. Talk about being around uplifting and generous people. Working around Tara White was awesome. She is an inspiration!! I volunteered Sunday mornings for two services. And occassionally, I’d help Tara out on Monday mornings, mailing out letters, cards, etc. So it really can be any little thing that can help make a difference.


Right now, I am volunteering and was priveleged enough to get an internship with The Foundation for Tulsa Schools. Lucky Lamons heads it and after listening to him speak, I wanted to get involved. I am excited to be helping out with their gala tonight at Southern Hills for the Designer Showcase. I am working on the PR side of things and putting together the press releases and creating their media kits. So it doesn’t¬†have to be something specific that you volunteer. If you have time and¬†hands to help with a project, if you have specific skills you can donate or monetary, whatever it is, just get involved.


Speaking of the Designer Showcase, make sure and come see it! Each year they take a historic Tulsa home and redesign the home. They host private parties, public events and then an almost month long open house. It is amazing. And the proceeds go to The Foundation for Tulsa Schools which contributes to the children in our area. By increasing their education and ensuring their getting basic home needs met, we are furthering the future of our area.  

In¬†past decades, people were much better about volunteering and civic involvement. I think a lot of that has to do with today’s materialistic and selfish¬†nature. It is sad but seeing¬†websites, groups, projects,¬†etc.¬†aimed at producing civic involvement or volunteering is amazing and a step in the right direction.

I promise, getting out and doing something for others¬†will end up making you feel amazing. It brings a new sense of¬†self and¬†it definitely builds character. Find something you’re interested in and find a way to get involved.¬†Happy-Volunteering-gray




Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Lately, I have been slacking. Not in all areas, but in important areas, like the gym. I have to go at 5:30 in the morning because I work full time and go to school full time. I typically get to work around 7 and by the time I get home some nights, it’s almost 9 or 10 p.m. I had finally formed a habit before school started back in January and I was going consistently. Then little by little, I started making excuses.c18a57a5262ebf3575252332b5af7909

I kept saying I was too tired, too busy, etc. But that’s all they were is excuses. If I can find time to sit down throughout the day and check facebook, I can get up bright and early and go to the gym before work. I never regret it once I go. In fact I usually love it. It challenges me and pushes me yet I also am in a better mood the rest of the day and feel good for going. It’s all about self control & self-motivation.


I started going to Boss Fitness in Tulsa in January once a friend and former tranier had introduced me to it. I love it. I do the BossFit classes there which are essentially crossfit classes. The whole energy of the place is awesome. The owners are the cutest couple ever, Alison and Ian. They are both fun and caring, dedicated and motivating. And then my friend, Wojo, trains there as well. Between them, it’s easy to feed off their energy. When they see you are just about to give up, they keep pushing. Not to mention, when I had to put Marley down, they reached out to me. What other gym owners are going to send you a personal message when your dog dies? They are great people.


I think Wojo has realized I’ve been lacking in motivation. He was gracious enough to text me at 4:40 a.m. and send me a wake up text. He encouraged me to get up and get to Boss through an encouraging text, “Rise and Grind… Another opportunity today… Do today what others won’t do so you can live tomorrow like others can’t #bedifferent.” Just what I needed to start my morning and get me in gear. Wojo has always been a great friend and trainer but even more than that he is a great person. I am thankful for positive, strong and kind people in my life like him. Not only does he motivate me physically, he does so mentally and spiritually. Those are the kind of people you need in your life.

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So I’ve decided, no matter what, no more excuses. No more hitting snooze in the morning and skipping Bossfit. Dedication takes effort, in all aspects of life. Once you are determined to make a change, physically doing it repeatedly helps to make it a habit and from there it becomes a way of life. I think the realization hit me this morning and made me sit back and think about how important this is in all parts of my life. You’ll never get to where you want to be, no matter what it is, if you continue doing what you’ve always done.

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