I love working downtown. There’s something about the energy. It excites me. I can’t get enough.


The first day I came to the BOK Tower for orientation while I was actually working at another location I knew I wanted to work downtown. Sara, the girl who was hired on with me in my old position, was walking with me and I told her, I will work here soon. I don’t know what it is. Something about it feeds into my drive for success. The tower is beautiful. The bank of elevators is even pretty.From the coffee shop to the flower shop and everything in between, I just love it.

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Maybe it’s the combined energy of all of the other driven people. When you get around that many power players and determined people, it creates a completely different feel. My old position with BOK was alright. I excelled and enjoyed it for the most part. I loved the management but the energy was awful. It was like a cave and I dreaded going to work.

photo 11

When the internal recruiter called me for my new position, she told me that Mindy chose me because of my energy. Not only did she like my good energy, she liked that I had drive and wanted to make my way up and Mindy said she wanted to help me do that. I was and still am flattered. I was nervous for something new, something out of my comfort zone and beyond my experience. I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about. I think as long as you try to get ahold of as much knowledge as you can in your career, dedicate yourself and work hard, it will always pay off. I get to work everyday between 7 and 8. I usually work through my lunch and then I stay late most nights. I want to show my dedication and how willing I am to work. I guess it makes it easy to be dedicated when you are surrounded with such great people.

photo 3photo 5

With my new position, it’s like someone opened a huge set of windows. It’s bright and fun and relaxing, even in the stressful moments. My boss is incredible. She is this petite woman with such a big personality. She isn’t overly friendly to everyone and keeps to herself some but she talks with me and certain others. She is hilarious. She is fashionable and she is brilliant. she knows banking like the back of her hand.She is also quite the match for all of these macho men and stands her ground very well. I can’t wait to learn everything I can from her. I’m always asking her questions and picking her brain and she probably thinks I’m crazy but I feel like she has so much to offer.

photo 10photo 6

The lady who has mentored me and helped me get on my feet is Tiffany. She is the head of onboarding and training for certain areas of wealth management. While I am Mindy’s asssitant, I also support Tiffany. She is amazing. She is happy and positive and so funny. She lets me ask her a million questions, even dumb ones, and is so patient with me. She is a very caring person and has such a sweet soul. I love getting to be around her and work with her.

photo 12

I think no matter what it is, you have to find something you enjoy doing. Not necessarily something you are the best at, but something you can find a passion in and then grow. Too many people think about money or staying within their comfort zone and then they end up being miserable. The place you work is where you spend the majority of your time. Why not find somewhere and something that you love.   

 photo 8

I walk into my job every day thinking I am building my career and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I come in excited and hopeful wondering what I am going to learn today.

photo 2

I haven’t decided if I want to stay with my original plan and eventually venture into corporate communications within BOK or if I’d rather take another path. I think I have an abundance of options and no matter which direction I choose, I will be happy and successful. BOK is one of the best companies to work for.

photo 1


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