Originally, I had blogged about how funny I thought it was when my boss walked in spectacularly dressed . . . well until you get to the ugg boots. I laughed when I saw the group of gorgeous heels hanging out under her desk. Turns out, it is not just her.

I keep hearing people cmoplaining about the walk from our employee parking. The free employee parking is just behind the jazz hall of fame. There is a walking bridge that connects us right to the tower. It’s not a long or bad walk at all. When it’s nice out I actually enjoy getting to have some fresh air and stretch my legs. There is also an option to pay per month or per day for the garage parking. The funny thing I am noticing is that regardless of where they have parked, the women are wearing tennis shoes, flip-flops, sandals, ugg boots and walking into the office and changing. I find it hilarious.

There are a couple of ways to look at it. If they are wearing heels, it is kind of a pain in heels. You can also very easily scuff your heel in one of the cracks. So it is practical. Not all of the women keep their hoard of shoes under their desk though. Many of them just toss them in their bag. You walk by and see a heel or two poking out of a gorgeous Michael Kors, a pricey Louis Vuitton or one of the trendy little coach bags and you can’t help but laugh.

At lunch time there is a whole other parade of tennis shoes. The “Walkers,” as we refer to them. There is a whole procession of women and men encircling the lower level of the tower. They speed walk to get their exercise on their lunch break. There are even signs letting them know the distance from point A to point B. There is a gym in the Williams side of the tower that you can pay to have access to as well but these walkers seem just fine strutting their stuff around the building. You look at them speed walking and think they are late for a meeting. Then you look down and see their suit has been accompanied with tennis shoes and you can’t help but laugh. I’m glad they are finding a way to stay fit, whatever means it may require haha.



About the Author bmartindale

A lover of adventure. My goal is to treat life like one big adventure, taking in all the lessons along the way.

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