Children are the future

I’ve talked about the charismatic, conversational and charming person that is Lucky Lamons before. He knows how to draw an audience and hold their attention. Listening to him talk about his experiences really showed me what how and why he took on his role as CEO for the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. He came from a military family and while he had to move frequently, he was lucky to have parents that were financially stable and still married. He had never seen poverty until he became a police officer. His experiences as a police officer helped shape his motivation for the foundation.

When he was speaking for my class he talked about looking at the child as a whole. He talked about the importance of the child’s home life. No matter what funding and incentives you pump into a school, if the child has to stay at home and watch younger siblings so that his single mother can go to work, that is what he is going to do. If a child hasn’t eaten in a day, he will be checked out, regardless of what is going on at school. In some areas, especially low income/poverty areas, there is so much more to their education than just school activities and curriculum. For the education or even the specially funded programs to be effective, the children have to be approached holistically.

The way Lucky puts it, we need to invest in our children. He says those children are our future. The more we build them up and prepare them, the more likely they are going to be able to be educated, active and positive members of society.

Fortunately, that is the motivation and purpose that Lamons has associated with the foundation. He is the driving force in the program. He is out at events, meeting and greeting. He may be tired and might rather be at home but he is out there making those connections and maintaining those relationships. His role is to constantly look at what the needs are, help establish solutions and seek out the funding and support to help actualize those. 

If you want to get involved with a non-profit or want to make a difference in a child’s life locally, look into The Foundation for Tulsa Schools.  


“Trade your expectation for appreciation”

Maybe it is a female thing, maybe it is an intellectual thing or maybe it’s just a me thing but I have this awful tendency to over analyze EVERYTHING. I don’t discriminate in my over-analysis either… It can be work related, friend related, family related… the list goes on. My poor boyfriend tends to get the brunt of it.

Girls tend to be more emotional than guys, and we also tend to think differently and have different needs. I know that, I can see that and I can appreciate that. However, it doesn’t stop me from going into a tizzy, nagging at my boyfriend because I want him to say more sweet things to me, cuddle with me more, talk about things/feelings more. Poor guy. He does so much for me. His love language, or the way he shows love, is doing things. He does all kinds of things for me. He works in the yard, he brings me goodies home after work, he takes me to concerts, he helps me aound the house. He is always DOING something for me. Of course, me being a needy and emotional girl, I want to get hung up on the fact that he doesn’t say certain things or feed my need for attention, affection, etc. you get the idea.

I have finally had to tell myself to think about it objectively and given myself a reality check. He loves me, I know he loves me and just because he can’t perfectly fulfill EVERY one of my needs, doesn’t mean I need to  complain. He does a fantastic job at putting up with me and he DOES more than I could ever imagine.

Lesson of the week… look at things from another perspective and be appreciative for everything,



One is Free Speech, the Other is Discrimination — Learn the Difference


I have found that a large portion of racist and sexist discriminating idiots are uneducated and threatened. That is the basis of their hate and ill will. Which does not make sense. Just because a local firewoman is a lesbian, does that prevent her from saving your life? No.

I don’t care who someone chooses to love because it is none of my damn business and it is none of yours either. Their private life decisions don’t have an affect on anyone. They are not asking you to be gay, they are not asking that your children be gay, they’re not even asking that you support their decisions.

Every individual should have the same exact rights as every other person in this country. Every person should be able to love whoever they chose. These are rights that my mother, my grandfather, my great grandfather and thousands of other men and women have went to war and fought for. And yes, hundreds if not thousands of them have been gay, lesbian, straight, transgender, bisexual, brown, black, yellow and white (GASP!).

The American public needs to pull their uneducated, disgusting head out of their ass and realize that people are people are people. Every person deserves happiness and complete and unrestricted rights. That is what America is.

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Charasmatic, personable and attention grabbing

That is how I would explain Lucky Lamons. When he speaks, you tend to get enthralled. He can keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. He gets you motivated and thinking. I am glad that my professor, and writer for Tulsa World, Ginnie Graham, brought him into class to speak. That class has lent itself to a great opportunity. I sought Lucky out for a project for class. It has since developed into an internship with the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. I am going to be privileged enough to work on the designer showcase. This opportunity will not only be great experience and a resume builder, but it will help me establish lifelong personal and career connections. Here’s to adding one more thing to my plate haha. Full-time student, full-time BOK employee and now, an intern for the foundation. The way I see it, if I put in the hard work now, I will reap the benefits later. I am beyond excited to see what the future holds.

Just for kicks, here is the feature story I put together on Lucky.


“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” – Nelson Mandela