“I don’t smoke, but I sail”

Larry Ellison went on to say this morning that even though he already had one American cup, he wasn’t satisfied. He said that while he was losing he realized he had something in him that wouldn’t allow him to quit while he was losing & then once he won, he wouldn’t allow himself to quit wile he was winning. I think it is great in today’s world to see someone with such a desire to win, succeed & to further the sport. It seems like today, everyone is interested in just sailing by. There is such an entitlement issue today and seeing someone striving to improve himself, his team, his sport & the technology is impressive & motivating. Ellison said, he thinks it’s much like a smokers problem. He then went on to say, “I don’t smoke, I sail.” I loved that sound bite. I think his choice of words and his actions can be very motivating for others and his underlying message of never settling no matter what interest or sport you may be in, carries through his whole mission. Good luck Mr. Ellison!

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