Thunder Cheerleader “too chunky”

According to a Houston CBS blogger, Claire Crawford, one OKC Thunder cheerleader is too chunky. While she says the cheerleader is pretty, she says that she is too “pudgy” around the middle and goes on to take a poll on whether or not the cheerleader should don the uniform or not. In a wold where girls are constantly battling unreal, photoshopped images of what they are supposed to look like it is appalling that one woman would take to publicly ridiculing another. This is one of the many reasons that girls are facing problems with bulimia and anorexia. It is a constant battle for some girls and women who are tirelessly trying to fit into the picture perfect mold. Maybe we should take this blogger, Claire Crawford and have her don nothing but a bikini and take a poll on her body and she will understand the ridiculousness of this whole little story she took on.

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Samsung, as well as Wieden & Kennedy, lead Ad Age’s Viral Video Awards

Ad Age held their 4th Annual Viral Video Awards, which honors the content that people have chosen to watch. Samsung led the pack this year followed by Wieden & Kennedy. The award honors great brand story telling chosen by audience vote. Samsung landed viral brand of the year and Wieden & Kennedy took creative agency of the year. Some of the highest ranking videos included “LeBron’s Day,” “Find your Greatness,” and “The Jogger.”


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1 million texting teens

Obviously, there are more teens texting than just 1 million and it is no surprise to anyone that there are over 1 million teens texting. However, the fact that they are texting for a not-for-profit organization and finding ways to volunteer through texting is a nice surprise. has created a way for teens to volunteer without having to rely on a car, parents or money. 

One of the super creative ideas the organization has created is the virtual baby. The baby is “delivered” to the teens smart phone, then the teen will get annoying messages all day pertaining to the virtual baby. They say if you can’t handle that baby and those messages, you should probably “keep your zipper closed.” 

This organization may have stumbled upon the perfect way to get teens involved while using the technology that they are dependent on today. 

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The most effective strategies for success

Heidi Grant put together the “Nine Things Successful People Do Differently,” and followed that up by creating an online test to gauge how well, if at all, you were doing these things. One of the biggest things she saw was that people are sabotaging their success by thinking that they need to be good rather than just improve how they are currently. Another key area was that people don’t know where they are or where they want to go. It’s hard to have persistence when you have no idea where you are going or how far you need to go. Grant said that her most shocking finding is how little the people were using of each of the tactics. People have a drive to be successful but sometimes they forget that the simplest of concepts are all they need to reach that success.

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“If it’s online, it feels like it should be free.”

Our generation wasn’t just given the internet as a luxury, we were raised with it. Our parents and older generations were enthralled with the internet and still revel at the advances it has made and continue to make, but for our generation, it’s nothing new. We aren’t shocked by the internet and we almost expect outrageous new advances. Since it is so familiar for us, we don’t feel the need to pay for it like our parents do. Online newspapers or other media vehicles don’t drive us to reach into our pockets. In today’s internet driven world we are able to find almost everything we need to know on some sight for free. The prestige of the New York Times doesn’t appeal to us as it did to our parents. I think as our generation continues to age as do our parents, this will create a dilemma for these companies and I am eager to see how they respond and what changes may come about.

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Amazon: the leader in online advertising

Amazon has always done well with it’s advertising, now they are reaching new heights. They have discovered new algorithms that are able to shoot more direct ads at individuals. The projection is that soon, there will be all kinds of companies hosting their advertising through Amazon’s platform, which will mean a huge growth in advertising dollars for Amazon. There are masses of people wishing they were able to get their hands on that algorithm but Amazon is keeping their secrets tightly locked up.

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Republic Wireless, offering unlimited calls, texts and data for $19/month…

Republic wireless is an entity of, the CEO David Morken was searching for a way to lower the ridiculous cell phone costs. His solution, a slightly dated smartphone that runs over 60% of the time via wifi and the rest of the time it operates off of the Sprint Wireless network. The price is heaven sent to most but there are drawbacks. The calls tend to drop when leaving an area of wifi, only being able to use the Motorola Defy XT and there is no customer service hotline. I agree with the article in the fact that geeks and early adopters are going to flock to this. I think this can be a huge turn in the wireless world and helpful to so many households. I am interested to see how far this goes.

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