The quest for creativity


In 2013, creativity is in constant demand. People are trying relentlessly to become more creative individuals. It seems like the more you chase something, the harder it is to get. That is why I love the quote I started this post with. It was in this story and I think it holds so true. In order to reach deep into your mind and find your creativeness, you must disconnect. Today, the world is on super drive. Everything is flying by, you are expected to do so many things at once and engage with so many people and connect everyone with everything you are doing. While you do need to stay connected so that you are up to date, you also need to take at least an hour a day and disconnect… Turn everything off! Turn off the TV, turn your cellphone on silent, get off of Facebook and get outside. Take a walk, take your dog on a walk. Find somewhere that inspires you. For me, when I was living on riverside, I would walk my australian shepherd along the river, every day. My favorite time to walk or go for a run was during sunset. Something about seeing that expanse of sky, the range of gorgeous colors, breathing the fresh air… it gets me in a creative zone. I get more philosophical than I am any other time. It is a rush.


Dig into the history of those things you are interested in or working with. My great grandfather passed away this past year. I was lucky to have still had him around at 22 and had the advantage of getting to hear him talk about the past. However, I wished I would have asked him more questions and paid more attention. He was a core-man in the navy, he fought in World War II, he later ran his parents farm, retired as an accountant from Sun Oil and was awarded as the longest working accountant in the state of Oklahoma as he continued to do personal accounting until the year before he died. He also collected antique cars. He maintained them or restored them to peak condition and he loved to have his great-grandkids ride along in the parades with him. Such an expanse of knowledge and such an array of expertise. When he passed away I started going through all of his things in order to remodel his house. I have a love of pictures, especially black and whites, cameras, movies, etc. Low and behold, I found cameras and video cameras ranging from the very first models of cameras through current models. I was fascinated. It got me even more interested and I was thrilled to be able to incorporate those into a display shelf in the remodeled front room. Integrating past into the present can be one of the easiest tunnels to creativity. When you delve into the past of something it gives it more meaning and what is life without meaning?!


As Bruce Nussbaum has said in this article, creativity can be found. One important aspect is constantly increasing your knowledge. The more you learn the more you are able to connect things. The greater knowledge and experience you have, you are more likely to be able to develop new connections and come up new ideas. It is about seeing things in a new light. The greater understanding you have of something, the easier it will be to do so.

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Facebook… your own personalized newspaper

For most facebook users, facebook has taken over the need to even watch the news or pick up a newspaper. There are so many sensationalized pictures, shares of local or national news stories, recaps of news stories, etc. And then there are the stories that are pertaining to your friends or family, who you are typically more interested in the first place. With the updated facebook layout, there are sections and adjustments that are particular to each person. Like any change, some will be ecstatic about the new layout and others will, undoubtedly hate it.

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A human connection

To a large majority, this idea seems like commonsense. People want to be treated well. They want their business to be valued. Great customer service goes such a long way in the minds of most. Taking a few minutes, spending just a little extra time, using courtesies and manners… it seems to be a thing of the past. However, when it is demonstrated, it can mean more than the best product in the world. More companies and even people need to slow down, pay attention to the person they are interacting with and make it a meaningful experience.

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Clearing Creative Hurdles

Anyone who has a creative nature has and will hit a block. The more intently you seek the inspiration, the more impossible it will be to find it. I think this article hones in on some great advise from some talented creators. I definitely think that walking away from it and putting it in the back of your mind is great advice. When you are obsessing over something it doesn’t leave any room for creativity. I also think that physical activity produces a waterfall of creativity. When I step out into the fresh air to go for a run or walk my dog, I feel energized and inspired. I instantly have ideas flooding into my head. The bit of advise saying that we aren’t elephants and are unable to remember everything is so true. It is key to find a system for yourself or find something that enable you to create a system. Evernote is beginning to be my lifesaver. I can type, talk, insert a picture or link and have it at the touch of my fingertips when I need it. Additionally, the adage mentioned, “A problem shared is a problem halved,” is so true. Sometimes just talking through your ideas and bouncing them off others helps you to figure out the problem on your own or the other person can give you some other viewpoints. Further, reading is one of the best ways that I have found to inspire myself. Classics, or unique pieces of literature are the best fuel for me. Rich words and depth truly inspire me.

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Tech Savvy Meets Creative Brilliance

At a time of major setbacks, Apple not only launched a goal, but went even further and launched a dream. They pursued that dream with full force. They understood what it would take to pull off the dream of the iPod. They had to form a great team. They needed the expertise, the talent, the skill and the passion. The passion to not only create this vision but to make it revolutionary. It drives home a critical point that in all things, even if you have the best plans, talent and brains, you can’t reach the maximum potential without having an intense passion.

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Grown up Paper Dolls

“Dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends,” said Kate Spade. Most little girls were either dressing up their paper dolls and barbies or playing dress up themselves. Whether they were playing queen for the day or their two-dimensional doll was, it gave them the same feeling and thrill. Clothes can be exciting and such a form of expression. On the site Polyvore, everyone can dabble in fashion design or coordinating the newest trends whether they are an amateur or pro. Polyvore provides a place for you to window shop through the virtual window of thousands of stores with the click of the mouse. After perusing through the various stores, trends and ideas you are then able to create your own looks. The amount of inspiration is endless. Women from all over the world are getting to express their inner little girl, fashion designer and fashionista as they spend hours on Polyvore. Maybe playing dress up never ends after all…

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“Your Culture is Your Brand”

No matter the talent, expertise or technical ability, you can’t create passion in a person. You have to find those that are passionate and incorporate them into your company and culture. Zappos has done an incredible job with creating not only a brand, but more importantly a culture. When you create a work environment that encourages creativity, fosters growth and promotes understanding you are bound to create a productive setting. It has been said that it is more important to hire for the personality rather than the skill. If the person has any talent at all, you can teach them the skills and then you have someone who is ideally trained as well as ideal personality fit. If more companies worked on the betterment of the work environment, I think they would see the quality of work and the attitudes of the employees would greatly increase.

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